Optimise your family’s finances, plan for lasting
wealth, manage and protect assets home and
abroad and raise capital for your next venture.

About Us

One central, trusted point of contact to co-ordinate and optimise your onshore and offshore requirements.

We simply ask, “What do you need?” We listen, we clarify,….then we find a way to help.

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Capital Raising

Facilitating local and international business opportunities

Cross border tax and financial planning for companies and individuals

Wealth Management

Forex Advisory

Insurance and Succession Planning

Global Real Estate Investment & Management

Foreign Citizenship

Our Team

We are a trusted team made up of experienced advisors, that address many aspects of High Net Worth clients’ daily
financial life. We manage the assets, preservation and transfer of wealth between generations, philanthropic interests,
and lifestyle needs of a wealthy individual/family.

Roger Johnson
Honorary Chairman

Dele Adesina
Managing Director

Henry Hollingdrake
Non-Executive Director

Matthew Nash
Executive Director

Seun Oshunkoya
Executive Director

Non Execs & Consultants

John Lee | Reto Rollin | Oladipo Ogunbiyi | Ade Mosuro

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90 Norman William Street Ikoyi, Lagos
20 – 22 Wenlock Road, Hoxton, London, N1 7GU


+44 7947 414765
+234 809 2902312

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What’s in a name?

“Hekima is a Swahili word translated as ‘wisdom’. Swahili is said to be the most spoken language in Africa.

Our logo is an Adrinka symbol, called “Nyansapo”. This translates as the ‘wisdom knot’. The knots symbolise wisdom, ingenuity, intelligence and patience.

Adinkra are small symbols from West Africa, created by the Akan peoples of Ghana and the Ivory Coast. They express various themes, proverbs and cultural values.”

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